Currently, players have the liberty to choose to play online games from a Free MMORP or you can choose to play paid MMORPG games, which will cost some amount to download

If you have been playing games online, then it is more probable that you have considered trying out MMORPG. Indeed, these are role-playing games, which allow players to create and even take almost any kind of character you would like to be. In the recent past, games in the above platform were almost similar, but as technological advancement sets in, more and more of such games have been released into the market with complete different features.

Currently, players have the liberty to choose to play online games from a Free MMORP, which downloaded easily onto your computer, tablet, mobile phone, and so on; or you can choose to play paid MMORPG games, which will cost some amount to download. In most cases, the amount paid could be a one-time fee or a monthly membership subscription fee. Indeed, there are several benefits of playing online games on each category, depending on a player’s personal budget and preferences. But, let us try and see whether it is worth to invest on paid MMORPGs or not!


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First and foremost, if you are the kind of gamer most people refer to as ‘rookie’ or a beginner in simple terms, then you should refrain from wasting your money on paid MMORPG games. This is because, when you are still new to the genre, it is more probable that you are unfamiliar with some of the best games you should invest. Therefore, when you are still deciding on what you actually enjoy playing, it is highly recommended that you try playing Free MMORPG games.

As a matter of fact, by doing so, it allows you to try out many other different games at no cost whatsoever! With the free option, you can jump from one game to another without fear of losing even a single cent. The good news is that, there are hundreds of thousands of free online games available in MMORPGs. However, one thing that you should bear in mind is that when playing free MMORPGs, most of the games comes with features and graphics that are as good as the paid ones. Besides that, free editions are normally slower than paid games, which mean it can be painful if you really enjoy the game.


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Paid MMORPG games


On the other hand, MMORPGs games that requires player’s subscription to play the preferred games comes with better graphics, better game play, quicker speeds, and of course, positive interaction with players. Additionally, you will also realize that customer support is far much better with paid MMORPG games. Most of the games in the paid category are updated on a regular basis.

What is the punch line?

When it comes to selecting MMORPG game that perfectly suits your desires and needs, it is imperative that you test several different free game versions until you find a game that fits you best. From there, you can proceed to register in the paid version of the game to enjoy more of it.

Nevertheless, if you are working on budget, and you do not mind less features and graphics not being quite as good, I recommend you can go for available Free MMORPG games. Although the selection would not be quite as large as the paid versions, but you will certainly find something that you will enjoy.