The era of the massively multiplayer online-playing games might be considered as one of the strangest times in the history of PC gaming

I am sure we all remember some of the earliest online gaming experiences used to be called Multi-User dungeons, or rather MUDs, which were designed to allow gamers to dial in to a server so that they can explore a text-based world with other real gamers.

However, in 1997, the concept changed slightly with the release of Ultima Online, which further transformed the industry in to something we all love! But that is not all, in 2004, World of Warcraft was released and I can remember it kicked the MMORPG craze into full swing. This game managed to put all ingredients of perfect game and it quickly attracted hundreds of thousands of online subscribers.

However, for every corporate MMORPG that aspires to be the next king in online gaming, there is a need to understand there are some gurus who are aiming for something different. In other words, they are looking for some of the weirdest or strangest games to play online. Well, after careful review of most the available online games in MMORPGs, the following are some of top strangest online games I recommend you try:


a tale of desert game


#1. A Tale in the Desert

It was launched in 2003 and it remained one of the strangest games ever in MMORPG. The game unfolds by subjecting players in one of the tiresome roles of building an Egyptian society from nothing. The weird part of this game is that players had no combat and they had no way harm other players, which means the game is more about using mind to get away with what you wanted.

#2. Furcadia

If you have a specific fetish that cannot be satisfied in real life, then I recommend you try massively multiplayer online worlds and play Furcadia. The game presents a third-person in a universe populated by weird features in possession of human-animal attributes. Although Furcadia was released in 1996, is considered as one of the longest running MMORPGs of all time still alive up to date.

#3. Second Life

I can attest without a shadow of doubt that there is no virtual universe quite like the Second Life, abbreviated as SL. It was launched in 2003 and since then, SL has been a place where any kind of fantasy can come true. It has over two million regular users who log on the service on a daily basis, using the in-game tools to create outfits, characters, objects, scripted events, and much more.

#4. Xsyon

In the world of online games, survival-based MMORPGs are the perfect choice for many gamers. Xsyon was launched in 2011 and offers some strange features up to now. With this game, players are depicted as wanderers in Lake Tahoe, where all technologies are defunct, which means to fend off other people, players have to band together to form tribes.


xsyon mmorpg


The list of weirdest MMORPGs games still alive today are just endless, but the above rock the industry right, left, and center. However, if the above does not scare you, then consider trying other strange games like Sociolotron, Visions, Rust, Hello Kitty Online, and Worlds.