Just like many other online games, MMORPG addiction is becoming an ever-increasing concern and problem among many people from across the globe.


When I read columns and watch news, I see reports of people spending hours and hours playing online games. Some have given up their parental responsibilities to participate fully in gaming. I have even heard reports of people forgetting to eat while playing and end up fighting with several health problems at the end of the day.

In general, there are a significant number of gamers who have completely lost the essence of playing online games. But, wait a minute! Do you know that most people, I included, up to recently, did not understand how this unbecoming habit came into being, but I have come to realize that there’re some few key aspects of MMORPGs that contribute to this addiction.

We all agree that new game contents are always on the horizon in the above genre, which means players have a series of games to try playing. Indeed, as soon as they finish one set quests, game designers and developers are once again announcing that another wonderful new shiny piece of armor is on pipeline and will be released soon. I can decisively make a remark that MMORPGs are like never-ending games, they come with new places to see as well as new monsters to conquer, which call upon the players to play more, and eventually contribute to the addiction aspect.


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Some features contribute significantly to addiction


Having ever-emerging games is good news to players and those punters who like playing games online, but I have to tell that in the realms of MMORPS, there are some few limitations here and there. Some game play features contribute significantly to addiction syndrome associated with the above genre. Indeed, most gamers have a great urge to fly around vast empires hunting huge beasts as well as conquering enemy lands.

It is true that exploration of this nature sounds geeky and lame to many gamers. It presents them with a great way to forget anything they wanted to get rid of their minds and just wander around destination that only exist in virtual world. Besides that, for those people with low self-esteem, MMORPGs provide a way for them to be really who they want to be, although in digital form. There is an assertion that it helps them become a better person, but the truth of the matter is that it actually leads to a wider range of mental and social problems.


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It’s common sense that people like meeting and interacting with others, but more importantly, people like meeting others who share similar attributes. Similarly, MMORPGs give players an opportunity to meet people of different characters and habits. With the constant allure of meeting new characters, chatting with friends via the game, and even socializing digitally in MMORPGs become very addictive. In fact, friendship can be made or broken internationally without worrying about any dire consequences.

Although we all agree that MMORPGs sound great and incredible, the problem come in when players take some of the games in the genre a little bit too far. Indeed, spending more time in such online games can be dangerous since addiction will soon or latter become the order of the game.