Massively multiplayer online role-playing games, commonly abbreviated as MMORPGs, are emerging in the online computer game industry with full energies as one of the most popular genres.

Although some of the games in these genres have existed since mid-1990s, it was expected, it would lack attention since many people were more of analog than digital, but that did not happen. Instead, it has continued to attract more punters every other day, and it surprising to note that it has become increasing strong with a fun-base is estimated to be over five billion uses from across the world.

Indeed, this relatively new genre is attracting a mammoth audience, bringing all those punters who previously enjoyed both paper, pen, and computer role-playing games, as well as those who loved socializing with other players over a virtual environment. With this continued growth and widespread appeal, most online-game developers viewed MMORPGs as a potentially profitable business platform.


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What is MMORPGs?


As stated in the introductory section, Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (or MMORPGs in short) are basically online computer games supporting hundreds of thousands of players from around the globe via an internet-connected platform which enable all punters to socialize, work together, and complete on an international scale. In other words, these videogames allow players from the entire world to participate online simultaneously.

Typically, these games take place in a shared persistent world, which can be accessed by a gamer only after purchasing and installing the game software. This world has been designed to exist indefinitely, even after the game has been shut down. Besides that, any change made to the world state, probably by its players, is always retained. Another thing worth mentioning is that all the characters are stored and reactivated anytime a player rejoins the game.

Although MMORPGs games have been designed to be played on several network-capable platforms including video game consoles, it has been noted that most players do access them through their personal computers simply because they appreciate the larger viewing screens as well as up to the bar details of the graphics that are supported. Recently, some of the games in the above genre are available on mobile phones, which further allow players to enjoy their access even when there are nowhere near their gaming consoles and computers.

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 The most popular and famous MMORPG in the world


When accessing MMORPGs, players will find that there’re a variety of fun games that are available, with the most common being none other than role-playing. It offers a bunch of first-person shooter games featuring large-scale combat. The good news is that, these games are commonly fantasy based, and they will continue to evolve even when players are not actively playing.

The most popular and famous MMORPG in the world is probably the World of Warcraft, which is a game set on a fictional world of Azeroth. It has over five million online subscribers. Other most chilled out games Happy Farm, Air Warrior, EverQuest, and much more.

If you are been looking for online games that offer you’re the ability to interact as well as forming strategies with hundreds of thousands of other players or games that provide real life actions that nowhere in many online social games, then I recommend that you try the MMORPGs genre. I am quite sure that you will get more than what you were looking for!